New Pages to The Compendium

A Look Back:

The Daylight Compendium, p.2. [Mixed Media]
The Daylight Compendium, p.3. [Mixed Media]

Author: Dawn Then

I am an ardent researcher, seeker and artist. As co-founder of Daylight Creative Therapies in Singapore, I happen to do the job that I love: psychotherapy - principles which should be accessible to one and all who desire insight and change. I relish getting lost in good books (especially Fantasy/Sci-Fi) and use creative writing and/or art-making as a form of self-overcoming. The Daylight Compendium is a personal project. A consolidated process of all my readings, inspirations, knowledge-digestion and written/visual reflections. I've allowed my fear (of not-good-enough) to hold this project back for almost 4 years. No more. In the words popularised by Seth Godin: Salto Mortale. Here and now, I'm taking the dangerous leap!

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